I got to work nice and late, as our boss was on vacation. I got to talk to the boo in Laos as I was eating my requisite Friday bagel. I mean who goes to Laos? The morning passed quickly, as I was taking a GMAT practice quiz (shhhh). Around 12:30 Kate and I needed to get out of the office, so we headed over to Pentagon City where we managed to spend two hours. All I bought was some lip gloss. Since it takes me about 2 years to use any kind of makeup, minus mascara, that must be replaced regularly, I splurged and got Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in Sugar Baby. It will be the perfect summer color (for the next 2 years).

Ohh ohh my lips so luscious – Lil Mama

I left work around 5:30, late for a Friday, but since our lunch had been a little long I had a few things to do before I could go home. Once home I put on my apron and got right to baking. Jess is having a birthday party tomorrow and I volunteered to do the dessert. She loves strawberry shortcake, so I decided to make strawberry cupcakes.

I bought a french vanilla cake mix and folded some cut up strawberries into the batter. I also bought some cream cheese frosting and red food coloring. Tomorrow I’m going to make pink frosting to top them, along with a red “J” for Jess. The unfrosted little guys looked so cute all snuggly in their beds

After baking I had to watch an episode of Ina. I learned how to properly cut fennel and that you can whip cream in a bowl that egg whites have been in, but not vice versa. The fat in the cream would prevent the egg whites from whipping. I can’t wait until my boo gets home. I really miss his Kitchenaid. I am going to attack that thing when he gets back!

Around 9pm I met up with Jess on the corner of 18th and U and we walked over to Bar Pilar on 14th St. I’d only been once before, but it’s a fun little place full of prepsters and hipsters. They serve Allagash White, and any place that does that is a-okay in my book. We had a few beers, gossiped and then were home by 12:30. I watched some Conan O’Brien and went to bed!