I woke up around 9:30, made some coffee, and went to MINT. They were having a little street fair, as a few new business’s have opened up on the bottom floor of the building. After working out I got a free smoothie sample (obvs) and then walked to the stores. The best of them all was a new Belgian chocolate place that opened, Locolat. They were giving out free Belgian waffle samples and oh my goodness, it was a party in my mouth. The thing was amazing. Marc is going to love it!

Around noon Jess and I headed to the pool in Pentagon City and snuck right in. It isn’t even really sneaking, as we just walk in and the Russian lifeguards don’t give a crap. We spent about 3 hours of tanning bliss at the pool, with a break for some tacos at Baja Fresh. On the way home we stopped at Teeter to get some supplies for her birthday tonight. When I got home I made some pink frosting and finished Jess’s cupcakes. Call me Ina, they came out great.

I got all ready to roll and was very happy with my tan and new lip gloss. Had to document since I didn’t break out the camera later in the night. You’ll see why later, I could not be “that girl” with the camera.

We all had a great time eating some amazing homemade guacamole, mojitos that came out great (I made them), steak, and of course dessert, some lovely cupcakes. It was a perfect summer meal with perfect company 🙂

Around 10:30 we all headed to Town Hall in Glover Park and spent a very long time there. Finally when we were Town Hall-ed out a few of us headed over to the Rookery on M St. The Rookery is a new “members only” bar opened by the guy who owns the always exclusive Smith’s Point. This Washington Post article explains it all.

Kate is friends with the owner so she was on “the list” and we all got in. Thanks Kate. We drank cocktails on the patio with the other exclusive people and then all of a sudden some twins walked out on to the patio. Their Dad happens to be the President of the United States… Spotted.

I of course acted cool and exclusive like it was no big deal, but I was pretty excited to check them out and of course be at the same bar as them! Jenna was sitting right next to me for awhile, we talked about Manchu Picchu, because of course all white people must be able to talk about their travels and Jenna and I have both been. Both twins were smoking ciggies left and right and I even managed to check out Jenna’s engagement/wedding rings. Very tasteful and not too much bling.

I headed home on the very late side, whoops and passsseeedddd out!

xoxo Gossip Girl