This morning I was too hungover to breate and moaned for awhile before finally dragging myself out of bed. I drank lots of fluids and then decided I wanted a big fat turkey sandwich. I’ve been wanting to try the Dupont Market on 18th St. I heard that they served great overpriced sandwiches, and we all know white people love those, see this post from my fave blog for further information on the subject.

I got dressed and walked down 18th, running into MScott on the way. He had a suitcase with him and was on his cell, so I just said a quick hello. The market was great, I got a turkey sandwich on ciabatta with cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sprouts and mayo. It was wonderful and really hit the hungover spot. I couldn’t even wait to get home and was devouring it on the patio of the market when MScott walked by and sat down to join me. He had a suitcase full of books he was trying to offload. I hope he had success!

Once home I caught Marc online. His cellular isn’t working in Vietnam, but they do have black label there, so he was happy and we had a lovely conversation about bagels, flowers and cats. I went to my roof deck for the rest of the afternoon. The weather wasn’t too hot and there was a nice breeze up there. I read the latest issue of Glamour Magazine and dozed. I also talk to my Momma and got a full report of our family friends wedding that her and my father went to last night. She sent me some pictures, the bridesmaids bouquets were beautiful. Notice the peonies.

Once inside from the sun I ate the rest of my sandwich, still just as amazing and cleaned. I also watched the women’s Olympic diving and gymnastics trials, I heart the Olympics, I can’t wait for August! Plus diving and gymnastics are my fave summer sports. There is this new little gymnast named Shawn Johnson, she rocks.

For dinner I made some basmati rice that took 50 minutes to simmer, but it came out good. I’ll never buy it again though, 50 minutes to simmer! Jeeze. The rice went well with some butter chicken simmer sauce from whole foods and frozen samosas donated by Marc’s from when he cleaned out his freezer

I went to bed on the early side and was asleep immediately.