Today was a very uneventful Monday. The bus came early again, but this time I was ready for it. I got there early too. Booya. Work was the same old and I readied for my intern who comes tomorrow. I am a little nervous. She is coming in to help me with a big project I’m undertaking. I’ve never had an intern, so I hope I am a good mentor and she learns at least a little something!

On the way home I waited for the bus for 20 minutes, what is it with me and bus luck? Can’t get it right. But it turns out I didn’t miss it, the thing was 20 minutes late. Ugh. The woes of public transportation. I hope I am at least reducing my carbon footprint a little bit. Once home I went over to the gym and met Rachel there. We had a lovely workout and caught up.

Post MINT-ing I walked over to Harris Teeter on Kalorama Rd. It opened in late April, but I haven’t been yet. It is a little smaller than the Teeter’s in Virginia, but had everything I needed and didn’t skimp on the prepared foods, produce and deli items, the stuff Teeter is good for! I bought some supplies for dinner tomorrow, Elly is coming over. I also bought a hunk of Gruyere. I was craving some cheese.

For dinner I took some fresh Teeter bread and the Gruyere and made  a grilled cheese sandwich, along with some prosciutto and lettuce. A very French meal. I grilled the sandwich perfectly, I’m quite proud of myself. They key is to not let the pan get too hot, and of course coat the bread with some butter -“I Can’t Believe its Not Butter” in my case. It went perfectly with a Hoegaarden beer.

After dinner I cleaned the apartment. Somehow between yesterday evening and this evening it got very cluttered. When the place was up to my standards I settled on the couch to watch the rest of Knocked Up. I hope I don’t have dreams about being pregs. Hate those, so stressful.