This morning our new intern started and I got her up and running. Wow, it’s nice to have someone help you when you need to find the names and addresses of 2,038 non-profit organizations! It was a beautiful day so we all had lunch outside, which included a coffee milkshake from Potbelly. Those things are heaven, plus I haven’t had a milkshake for two weeks, so I was allowed.

I accidentally brought my camera to work, I was packing my purse in the AM really fast and threw it in. Since I had it, I needed to take a pic of Tommy at my cube. He was trying to see if someones ads would work on my browser. Notice the window view. Nice.

Once home I began to prep for dinner with Elly. She had suggested we make kabobs, so I bought the ingredients last night: beef, tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Every housewife plans ahead, so I’d began to marinate the beef last night in SoyVey Teriyaki sauce, it was perfect when we took it out. Forward thinking and efficiency win the race!

When Elly came over we drank some wine and stuck the kabobs on sticks, then grilled them on my stove top with my reversible double griddle from Crate and Barrel, it was a great investment and the kabobs were grilled to perfection (it’s on sale now, I suggest you invest). They went well with some crispy sweet potato fries and leftover risotto.

And a close up…

We filled our wineglasses to the brim and took our masterpieces up to the roof. It was a beautiful night and we sat up there for a long time, watching the sun set. Romantical

Once we came down from the roof our wine was gone, so we had to go down the street for another bottle. The Metro K Supermarket has a great selection. Elly suggested we make her signature concoction of red wine and Fresca, yeah sounds really weird, but it tasted a little like fizzy sangria. I’d do it again.

Michelle and Jess were having dinner at the Grill from Ipanema, right next door to me, so when they were done they came over for a drink. We were all tipsy and had the usual girl conversations – boys, clothes, 3-somes, ice cream you know…

When all my guests left I watched the end of the latest Harry Potter movie on HBO and snuggled in to bed.