This morning I slept in a little, bringing my total nights sleep count to 9 hours. Ahhh, refreshing. It was a beautiful summer morning (minus being at camp) and the bus came on time. Work was somewhat uneventful, though I did get my revenue goals for the rest of the year. They were a little high considering the economy we are in, but we’ll see. I’ll just have to work my behind off a little more.

At lunch I ate outside at the Kennedy Center, then walked to the Wednesday Foggy Bottom farmers market and bought some Rainer cherries. Rainer’s are a little lighter than regular cherries, the variety comes from Washington state, but these babies were grown in West Virginia. They are almost out of season, so I had to get em while they were hot.

After work I made my way home, relaxed a bit, and then went for a loooonngggg run. The distance wasn’t so long, but it took me 45 minutes, as I wasn’t going too fast. It was the perfect evening for a run, not too hot, plenty of shade on my route, and a light breeze. Once home I watched some Barefoot Contessa. The episode was a little different, she had a friend, who also is a cookbook writer, over for the weekend, and they made recipes together, including a frozen yogurt sorbet which I will have to duplicate in the near future.

After my Ina dose I got my leftover kabob on, they were just as good the next day and filled me right up! I decided to keep the food theme going and watched the newest episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. The challenge was Arepas, Venezuelan type sandwiches which are just godness. The arepa itself is a corn based bread that tastes a bit like a doughy English Muffin. Dana and I had some in Boston at Orinoco. The Arepa experts won the throwdown with their more traditional take, but both sides did a good job. I need to find an Areparia in DC.

Venezualans eat them as snacks after partying, I’ll eat them anytime.

I finished out the food theme with the Top Chef Chicago reunion. I’m not really a fan of all these reunion shows, but I did find out that Spike is now in DC. Maybe I’ll see him sometime when I’m at the Rookery with the Bush twins…