Today I drove into work since I had an event to go to in the evening. It took me 10 minutes, I’ve said it before, oh how I wish I could drive to work every day. Perhaps if I get a huge raise I’ll spring for the $150 a month parking garage…

While I was g chatting with Melinda she had the best idea evs. She wants to open a restaurant called Something Delicious. If you and your friends want to eat there you can just say “Ohhhh I want Something Delicious for dinner,” how perfect. I think the motto should be “Something Delicious this way comes.” A play on the infamous Macbeth quote “Something wicked this way comes.”

Something Delicious would probably serve mac and cheese, cinny buns, ruby red cocktails, and really yummy roast chicken. Probably also arepas with that awesome cotijo cheese. Melinda would want pomegranate juice with soda along with chocolate lava cake. What else would we have?

After scheming I did do a little work. During lunch I had my public speaking thing and I got to do word of the day. I was choosing between borborymi (a rumbling sound caused by gas moving through the intestines), aspidistra (any plant belonging to the lily family) or bumptious (offensively self assertive). I settled on bumptious. Used in a sentence one could say “I was enraged when the bumptious young republican cut me in line at The Rookery.”

(image courtesy of Prep-Unit)

After work I made my way to Clarendon to attend a Kaplan marketing event disguised as a business school fair. It was actually really great and I’ve decided to take a class. Yeah okay the marketing worked. But, for me, I think I need it in order to get a score that will get me into a top school.

I got home late, packed for my trip to Charleston tomorrow, watched some Sex and the City and went to bed!