Viernes Santo is just Good Friday (the Christian holiday), but today was just plain good and warrants a good title. I got to work nice and late since our boss was gone, worked my little butt off for awhile, read some blogs, and did a lot of google-ing for my work project.

My flight to Charleston was a little delayed, so I went to happy hour with some coworkers, chugged a glass of wine, and made my tipsy way to the airport. I was flying AirTran which meant flying out of ghetto Terminal A. Terminal A was the original terminal at National Airport and it still feels like you are flying PanAM in 1964, complete with the food choices of 1962. I waited until I got to Atlanta to have a quesadilla at Moe’s, a mediocre Mexican chain akin to Chipotle or Baja Fresh.

I made a new friend at the airport. She sat next to me on the plane and then sat next to me at Moe’s and we got talking. We were both going to Charleston, her for a wedding, both live in DC, are the same age, and had fun chatting. We exchanged numbers, so maybe we’ll go to TangySweet sometime. We’ll see.

Genny and Paul picked me up at the airport and we just vegged and caught up into the wee hours then snuggled into bed, which turned out to be a bad decision….. To be continued.