I woke up with some bumps on my leg, but figured it was just some weird South Carolina bug, and thought nothing of it. We all went to Hominy Grill for brunch, a Charleston staple that serves up a mean plate of grits and to die for biscuits. I had some blueberry peach pancakes, and half a biscuit, to add to the carb intake. We took a sib pic before brunch, I look mini.

After brunch we bid adieu to Paul, who was heading to USC for orientation and high-tailed it to Foley Beach on James Island. It’s the cool kids beach, mainly because it has good waves for surfing. It was super windy, but that did not stop Gen and I from tanning profusely. My legs were a little itchy at the beach, but I figured it was just sun and sand, or something.

On the way home we stopped at Sonic, that legendary place you always see in commercials, but never actually see the real place. Welp, they have them in Charleston and they are awesome. You just drive up, read the menu outside your car, order, and they bring the food to you on roller skates. We all got milkshakes.

Once home we rinsed off and went to King Street for some shopping, hitting up all the usual spots. I bought a cute dress at a store called Francesca’s and Genny got a dress at White House Black Market. We did dinner at a little cafe on King Street and both got the same thing: Homemade butternut squash ravioli with a Parmesan cream sauce, bacon, mushrooms and apples, sounds like a lot of flavors, I know, but they worked and really hit the spot.

When we got back to Genny’s house we both took a power nap and then began getting ready for a night on the town, that’s when I realized what happened…. I had broken out into a rash all over my legs, the cause? FABRIC SOFTENER.

This winter I washed all my clothes in detergent that had a touch of fabric softener in it and I broke out in bumps all over my body. Back at the time I was pretty sure it had been the detergent and Genny had washed her sheets and towels in the same type of stuff, boom, rash on legs, neck and ears, yes ears, since they had been touching the pillow. This girl had a major case of contact dermatitis.

Contact dermatitis aside, we got all ready and were having really good hairdays that we had to document, look at the hair not the accidental cleavage…

Before calling Genny’s favorite Moroccan cab driver we had some beer and Red Bull, then headed to the Pavilion hotel to their rooftop bar. We walked in at the perfect time. One of Genny’s friends has a very rich Uncle named Larry who owns a tobacco company and a yacht that he brings to Charleston. He likes to buy his nephew’s friends, especially the girls, lots and lots and lots of drinks.

The nephew flagged us over and we sat down. We were told “order whatever you want, get Grey Goose.” It was amazing, the Veuve Clicquot was flowing like water. If Marc had been there he would have most def ordered a Blue Label.

A bachelorette joined the fun too. On any given weekend night in Charleston there are probably 69 bachelorette parties going on. Genny and I made a pact that we would not let each other wear those bachelorette sashes, tacky. It looked cute on her though.

We had so much fun drinking top shelf booze and sister bonding. The weather was perfect, not humid and even a little breezy, and my Grey Goose martini was amazing. I think it may have been better than Russia House, sorry DC.

We lasted long enough so that Genny’s boyfriend could pick us up. He happens to work as a valet at the hotel, so we waited for him in the lobby and had a photo shoot.

Free booze really gives you energy. On the way home we stopped at the 24 hour Harris Teeter for some anti itch cream and Cool Ranch Doritos, then called it an itchy night. I slept in some knee socks to protect my legs from the sheets of death.