I woke up around 9:45 from itching, went to the freezer and rubbed some ice cubes over my contact dermatitis. It really helps, I recommend it. Sadly, while I was tending to my wounds Marc called and I missed it. Thanks a lot fabric softener, thanks. Genny got up shortly thereafter and we watched some MTV until we were motivated enough to go to the beach. On the way we stopped at Starbucks and Bagel Nation. I had the most amazing egg and cheese this side of the Mason Dixon Line (I was in SC, so it was the Confederate side, NYC is not included).

The beach was super windy, again, and the waves were bad for surfing, so we sat with some of Genny’s surfer friends and had some miller lights (with sand in them). We went for a long walk, but didn’t hold hands, and then finally left around 2pm because it was just too windy, and we had something important to do: Manicures and Pedicures.

After rinsing off pounds of sand, which had blown on us due to the wind we went over to Nail Palace, where they worked their magic. Genny’s lady was an honor roll manicurist and spoke perfect English. I mean I think they all speak good English, but they just hide it. So, we talked with her the whole time. She grew up in Boston too, after coming here from Vietnam.

Once we were polished we got some ice cream and then headed to the airport, where the real fun began. My flight to Atlanta was supposed to leave at 6:35pm where I was then flying stanby on an 8:30pm flight to DCA. However, there was also a flight at 11pm, so regardless, I would not miss my connection. Well, due to weather in Atlanta they issued a ground stop, meaning no planes headed to Atlanta could take off, nor could any leave. This went on for 3 hours and (to take a term from Marco) wheels were up at 9:30 pm.

Obvs I missed the earlier connection, and was quite excited that I would not even have to wait that long for the later flight at 11pm, only about 30 minutes. Boy was I wrong about that too! Because of all the delays, and groundstops, and vagstops the flight attendants for my DCA plane were stuck on another one that didn’t arrive in ATL until about 11:50. Wheels were finally up at 12:30, and I arrived in DC at the ungodly hour of 2am. I managed to share a cab home with some people in my area, and only paid $12 for the ride, cheaper than usual.

One home I got right into bed, dreading the next morning…