After many months away from the blog world I have decided to emerge from the darkness that was studying for the GMAT and start writing again. Now that I do not need to chronicle my daily life for Marc (we can talk on the phone and actually see each other) my musings are probably going to take a different turn. I still will be discussing my day to day activities, but I also might write about food, fashion, celebrities and D.C. in more depth than before. What say you? I am open to suggestions.

First, now that I’m done with the GMAT, I kind of miss doing math problems, it’s only been 24 hours, but I want to calculate ratios and percents by hand and do practice problems at work, what am I supposed to do, sell advertising? Gawd. However, now that I don’t have to study (and cry) there are so many things I can start up again, such as trying new recipes, exercising more regularly, and even being a psycho neat freak… The possibilities are endless.

Here is the plan for my first evening of freedom:

  • Take the 5:30 H1 bus (no way am I staying late).
  • Don my Lululemon capri pants and long sleeved Adidas shirt and go for a frolic (run) in this fabulous fall weather.
  • Do 8 minute abs (I highly recommend it).
  • Heat up my leftover spaghetti and meatballs from Whole Foods (I know, I bought meatballs, I usually make the Birkner recipe from scratch)
  • Dust, vacuum and swifter mop my floors (it’s been almost 2 weeks!)
  • Watch TV for at least 3 hours, shows including, but not limited to Ugly Betty, The Office, Heroes and the Hills. My DVR NEEDS a workout.
  • Snuggle into bed with “The Witches of Eastwick” by John Updike, the latest book-club pick!

It will be a lovely evening, if only it were 5:20…