This morning I was on e-bay looking for some Tory Burch Amy Pumps in brown. I tried to get them at Bloomingdales during a sale, but Tory items were not included in the offer. COME ON? Who is going to pay full price for a pair of pumps that you know will go on sale at the end of the season anyways. Sadly, e-bay was no help. They didn’t cost any less.

So the point of all this is that while on e-bay I saw an ad saying “Soon we’ll say farewell to Samantha” i.e. Samantha my FAVORITE American Girl Doll. I immediately clicked on the ad and was taken to, probably the best site on the web, where I learned the sad news:

“After more than 20 years as a beloved historical character, this American Girl original will soon say farewell. At that time, Samantha’s collection—including Nellie and her accessories—will be placed into the American Girl Archives so that we may preserve her place in history.”

WHAT? No more Samantha? WHAT? Samantha Parkington was probably the coolest of the three original American Girls. I mean she had the prettiest dresses, the best stories because nobody died on any ships (i.e. Marta), the most interesting living situation (who else lived with their Grandmary), and by far the best winter cape, muff and sailor dress. When Felicity came around she did give little Sam a run for her money with the clothes, especially her Christmas dress, but I cannot believe they are retiring an ORIGINAL?

Almost every girl in their 20’s either had an American Girl doll (or 5, oops) or at least played with them at some point. Jill and I used to bring all our doll stuff to each others houses at least every other week and we’d set up camp in her room or my basement. Elly and I even played with them when we were 14 and 15, but the play was a bit more risque, sort of an early version of mean girls, and Samantha was ALWAYS the Queen Bee and Addie and Kirsten were always the un-cool girls, sorry. My favorite Samantha dress was her party one:

After an extensive online search I really learned no more about the news, no why or how. Though one blog mentioned that it could be a holiday marketing push.  All the moms who played with Samantha might want to get her for their daughters before she is gone forever. Or perhaps since her value will surely increase Pleasant Company can release her for limited periods of time kinda like Disney does with Cinderella DVD’s? Maybe now, with my valuble Samantha doll, I will actually be able to afford those Tory pumps, but then again, I don’t think I’d ever want to part with her.

This is a sad sad day for girls everywhere, but in all this gray we can share our favorite Samantha memories on the American girl website: Samantha. To end my post I will share mine, if you have any American Doll memory send it over and I’ll post it as well.

I got Samantha for Christmas when I was 10, she was my second doll after Kirsten. My favorite memory is of setting up a room for her and all my other dolls in the basement. I pretended they all went to a proper British boarding school (my own secret dream for myself). Each morning they had a maid (me) to dress them up for classes and each afternoon they had a different party to attend. Hence, their birthday dresses got much use. Not a very exciting memory, Samantha didn’t save me from getting hit by a bus or anything, but her books taught me some Victorian History and her “bedroom” was the best part of the basement!