A friend sent along this article from the Salt Lake City Tribune… I guess Utah is more on top of breaking toy news that us Northerners. The article managed to add a little insight as to why Samantha is being retired. “Doll rotation” as Mattel calls it, is a business tactic. They are trying to see how taking Samantha out of circulation and introducing new products will affect sales, and possibly set the stage for a “later re-emergence” of the doll.

One thing that I was happy to hear is that sales of Samantha haven’t gone down, luckily that isn’t the reason for the “retirement.” Nor is it because Eddie Ryland put salt on Sam’s ice cream, so that she threw him a sucker punch, which then subsequently caused Grandmary to ground her and all her outfits until a later date.

Charlotte and Samantha circa Christmas 1991