Since today is Halloween I wanted to write about something spooky, like Vampires, REAL ONES!

Last month our book club read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Published in 2006 the book became an instant success among the young adult set and Stephenie has since expanded Twilight to a 4 book series, the last of which was released this August. Also, a movie of the first book is coming out on November 21st (we are counting down the days).

In the book Bella moves to Forks Washington to live with her Dad. On the first day of school she notices the Cullen family, in more words than one, they are HOT. But she’s informed that they keep to themselves, disappear every once in awhile, and don’t date. She specifically notices Edward Cullen. She has to sit next to Edward in science class on the first day and he won’t look at her at all. Then, he disappears for about a week.

Bella thinks it is because Edward hates her, little does she know he was longing for her blood and wanted to suck it then and there. However, Edward was able to hold back, because he and his family are a special kind of vampire…

Though I wish I could summarize the whole book here I will leave it up to you to grab a copy ASAP and devour it faster than the Cullens could suck the life out of you. You can get it used on Amazon for as little as $5. Once you read the first book, you will have to read the rest (Michelle finished them all in about 2 weeks). In subsequent novels you are introduced to werewolves, the oldest vampire family in the world (Vampires can’t die FYI) and much much more.

Then, once you read the first book you can go see the movie. Watch the trailer below, doesn’t Edward look a bit like Cedric Diggory? Regardless, he’s dreamy, I’d let him turn me into a Vampire anytime.