Growing up I was on the older side of my grade. Being an elder had its advantages, I was one of the first to drive, one of the first to stop using my fake ID, and most importantly I was one of the first to be able to vote. Melinda and I were lucky enough to make the cut for the 2000 election. Having September birthdays gave us quite the advantage compared to our other classmates who were unlucky enough to be born in November or on January 16th.

Senior year of high school we even had to take a term long class called election 2000. In the class we learned all about the candidates (president, senators, reps), ballot questions, really the whole shebang. Unfortunately it didn’t matter much to most of my class, but Melinda and I were very engaged, we got A’s, obvs. Also, we got extra credit for registering to vote!

So, on the first Tuesday of November way back in 2000 Melinda and I drove over to the town hall in my 1988 Volvo Station Wagon to cast our ballots. We both had 3rd period free, quite convenient. We were so excited to watch the returns that night, we’d been a part of it all! I even was working for a state representative at the time and went to her “victory party” at a local restaurant.

As the night wore on things got weirder and weirder, no winner, just some hanging chads, pregnant chads, and dimpled chads. Personally I’d like to be a dimpled chad, not a pregnant one. We didn’t know the outcome of that first election for awhile. Needless to say, I was a disgruntled voter.

Then, in 2004 I was a senior in college. I cast my ballot in Maine this time along with the rest of Bates College. We made up a pretty good bunch in the county and though I believe Lewiston went blue, the nation was red. This morning I voted in my third presidential election, in DC. We do have three electoral votes (same as Alaska) and we even have a senator (which I didn’t know until this morning, whoops).


My fingers are crossed. I’ll be drinking blue cocktails at Enology this evening and watching the returns! They are having drink specials and will tune the TV to CNN or Fox based on which color cocktails are selling better. Come help out!