As my guest bloggers mentioned in this post Richard at does an amazing weekly re-cap of Gossip Girl. This week’s might have been my favorite yet. I was cracking up in cube-land and decided I needed to re-hash some of the best lines from his post:

  • “Plus she has an older Mexican orphan come over and steal her boyfriend, just like you!” (in reference to Vanessa makin out with Nate who used to make out with Little J, no Mexicans have ever stolen my bf, but they did steal Tommy’s once, the pool boy did)
  • “young Nathaniel, played semi-convincingly by Twink Android model number #542-fancyfeather (service name: Chace Crawford)” (yet another gay reference to Chance Gayford)
  • “Like the lovelorn and world weary Odysseus, Jenny was drawn back to Penelope and dashed upon the rocks of her scheming bitchery.” (On Little J and that chick plotting to put Vanessa in the see-thru dress, great blog-cum-literary reference, Richard paid attention in Classical Lit)
  • Chuck showed up to Chace’sbig elf debut dressed as a third grader’s bedroom ceiling. Seriously. It was like he had glow-in-the-dark stars and moons all over that sparkly jacket of his. (description of Chuck’s ball outfit, SO TRUE)
  • “Well this one was the Snowflake Ball and it involved people dancing and mingling until midnight when Chace Crawford was lowered into the room on a disco ball, dressed as a sex elf named Snowflake. Or something like that.” (Richard’s description of the episodes party)
  • “The real dramzwas unfoldingwhen V. told N. about stealing the letter and N. was all “evs,” (Don’t you just love abbrevs? No explanation needed)

And the best line of all (swears modified):

  • “Because then Lily came rushingup and said “holy f*c*, there’s been a f*ck&%g accident. That old dude’s dead or something, holy s*i%t balls what am I gonna tell that s^i**y kid of his? Ohhh for f&*k’s sake I hate my f^*k%ng life.” I think that’s verbatim, actually. You can consult the clip above to verify that.” (In reference to the phone call Lily receives at the end of the ep)

Melinda also pointed out I missed the clueless reference:

“bwahahah, your man Nate is a cake boy!” and Jenny was like “what?” and then Blair drove on the freeway and everyone shrieked. Or you know, whatever happened.

That’s all for now… Richard is a genius.

xoxo GG