Elly has requested I do a little summary of my Thanksgiving holiday with my family. We had the pleasure of hosting Elly’s family at our house a few years ago for the meal and since then we have both wished we could do it again, so in honor of her, here is the run down of my little vacay.

Travel was super easy, no delays, just hopped right on the metro to Washington National Airport and boarded the plane. Dad picked me up and I was in Wayland by 7pm. Paul, Mom, Dad and I had some salmon and asparagus for dinner, had to keep it light before our turkey feast. Paul and I did sprinkle plenty of Citrus Spice Borsari on our fish though, it’s the best.


After dinner Melinda, Danielle and I went over to an old High School friends house. Some Wayland parents were there too, big old party. The rest of our class was at a nearby bar, which was apparently packed, so we opted to stay at the house, and of course, everyone ended up coming to us. We win.

The next morning it was time to start preparing for the big dinner. Paul was going to teach me how to make biscuits and pecan pie. We staged a Food Network show, Paul was the host, I was the production assistant. Genny kept getting in the way of the cameras, but it was okay, we did multiple takes. The pecan pie was super easy and adding bourbon is key. Biscuits are a bit more difficult, the butter has to be at the right temperature and you can’t let it get too soft. The dough has to be crumbled up and rolled just right. Luckily, with Paul’s skills, ours came out perfect.


Later in the day we did the stuffing, with brioche from the bakery Paul used to work at. We added dried apricots, mushrooms, onions, celery, and pecans along with a lot of butter and chicken stock. Perfection again. Our last feat was the sweet potato casserole. We followed a recipe from a Southern Cookbook, modifying the ingredients a little bit. Instead of adding honey, we added maple syrup (Paul’s idea), a New England touch. They were creamy and just the right amount sweet. The pilgrims would have been so proud. Once the guests arrived at 5pm we were pretty much ready to go.

This year nobody really got seconds, mainly because it was so amazing the first time around plates were piled high. The best touch of all were my mother’s flower arrangements. Move over 1-800-Flowers, you are nothing compared to Lottie’s Momma.



After dinner and pie (pumpkin, apple and pecan) we retired to the couch for the rest of the evening. Dad has recently put a bunch of old family movies on DVD, so we watched those and cracked up for at least two hours. Baby Paul crawled like a spider monkey, 6 year old Charlotte complained that she didn’t get a Barbie Ice Cream set for Christmas, but then Dad told her “he heard on the news that the Barbie Factory burned down and there were no more ice cream sets left” (phew problem solved) and 4 year old Genny danced in circles in front of the camera, but then fell over because she got dizzy.

Friday I slept in and then Mom and I braved the Chestnut Hill Mall. It really wasn’t crazy at all and we had quite a pleasant experience. We both found some deals at Bloomies, I got a Marc Jacobs shirt on sale and ended up ordering some Frye Boots online (sale too, duh). That evening I met up with the Wayland crowd in Cambridge and reminisced about out High School days.


My new Frye’s which I will wear with my skinny jeans in Europe and be trendo.

Saturday involved more shopping with Mom (it’s what we do best), but we didn’t buy anything. That evening we continued our Mother/Daughter bonding and watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. I def recommend it, though Blake Lively started to piss me off. She was totally not wearing appropriate attire for architectural digs (in the movie she goes to Turkey for the summer and uncovers ancient artifacts). That evening we also celebrated Dad’s B-day a bit early. He requested lemon meringue pie in lieu of cake, and that is what he received (care of Chef Paul).


Sunday we all went to brunch at the Top of the Hub in Boston. Even though it was cloudy the views from the top of the Prudential Center were great, and our meal was even better. Three courses of prix fixebrunch dopeness, as Marc would say. I started with a salad, then a steak and boursin omelet (it should have had mushrooms too), and ended with creme brulee. It was just a bit filling.

I stayed in Boston until Tuesday morning, doing some school visits on Monday, and was sad to be back in the office on Tuesday after such a lovely break.