It’s been a rough week in LottieB’s world, so I apologize for the lack of posts. I had a recurrence of my June  fabric softener rash of death, but this time I think it was something else that I’m allergic to. I saw the best-est dermatologist ever and he made me a lot better with some pills and cream, but I still have to go back for one of those patch test thing-eys where they put stuff all over you and see how your skin reacts. Should be fun!

Last week the holiday season began in DC, so today I am going to give you a run down of all the holiday events I’ll be attending. Nothing to cool, mostly fun times with friends. But that’s what the holidays should be, right?


Thursday Last: Rum tasting hosted by the Society of American States involving rums from around the Americas. Unfortunately I am not a rum fan, so 10 year aged Guyana rum was wasted on my palette. The event was followed by nachos at Bobby Van’s steakhouse and plenty of wine.

Saturday Last: Holiday housewarming at Kathryn’s which earlier in the day involved a baking fiasco. I was making some maple pecan bars and dropped the whole dish as I was taking it out of the oven which then landed on my foot and fell to the floor. The bars were salvaged, but that incident is where this week’s bad luck began…  My foot was really sad and bruised. Oh the woes of being a contessa! The party was lovely, the appetizer spread was phenom, the conversations with Maggie and Kathleen about dollhouses, Playmobile and upcoming trips to Prague and Budapest were divine. The after-party at Porter’s was fun, that place is GROSS.

Tuesday: Book club, we read Lady Susan by Jane Austen. It’s a short work of letters from this slutty woman (slutty for the 1800’s) named Lady Susan to all her buddies. It was published after Austen’s death and it certainly is one of her more “racier” works. You can download it free from the Project Gutenberg website. Print it out and take it on your holiday travels. Our hostess Kim served up some lovely holiday treats including hot chocolate and blueberry turnovers, YUM!

Wednesday: An all girls “Naughty or Nice” Yankee Swap hosted by KAK at her lovely house in Georgetown. Basically everyone brings a gift of the girly genre, we drink champagne, eat girly snacks and exchange gifts Yankee Swap style. You pick a number, pick a gift, and depending on your number you can steal gifts from others. We did it last year and had a wonderful time. This year should be even better, mainly because I am bringing my chocolate chip cookies and we have more attendees than last.

Thursday: My team at work is hosting a holiday party for clients at CoCo Sala in DC, a desert themed bar and restaurant. We will be serving up champagne, churros, tiramisu and petit fours, along with a box of chocolates  as a “party favor.” Networking, desserts and champagne, professional yet fun!

Friday: A going away party for Ms. Michelle who is moving to London. We are sad to see her go, but so proud of her promotion and can’t wait to take a trip to London in the coming year! Can you meet a nice Prince of Monaco and invite me to the wedding? And maybe to live there and shop with you?

Saturday: My company’s annual holiday party. As Marc can attest, it’s usually a pretty “dank” event. Past years have included raw bars, sushi bars, and after dinner liquors. This year things might not be as extravagant, but my company don’t mess. They will keep it real and keep it classy. Sadly Marc has to study for finals, so KatyB is my date. We can’t wait!

Next Week: A happy hour or two and lots of prep for my upcoming trip to Prague, Budapest and Vienna for Christmas and New Years. I am urgently searching for a very warm coat. Bloomies is having a sale starting Thursday and I think I’m going to pick up one of these guys from the North Face, unoriginal, but warm. I think I’ll need it in the Eastern Bloc when I am writing my manifesto on a typewriter in a coffee shop under a statue of Stalin.


Mr. Stalin