If Oprah can do it so can I! Here is my first annual list of  “Lottie’s Favorite Things.” Followed by my wish-list for 2009. One lucky reader will be the recipient of something on this list (except maybe the MBA). Please send me an “essay” of which Favorite Thing you would like to receive and why. The best entry will be published on my blog and the gift may or may not be granted, depending on how much money I spend on my European vacation…

Lottie’s Favorite Things

1) Gossip Girl: As any reader can see I really love this show. I am still insanely jealous of guest bloggers Christie and Melinda and their night with Derota!


2) Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss: I’ve been searching for a lip gloss this good since I was 12. Though it’s a little more expensive (retails for $25) than some stuff, it truly is the best. I have it in “Sugar Baby.” It won’t stick to your hair when the wind blows, it tastes yummy on the lips, and the color lasts.


3) Baking tools: This year Lottie has tried a lot of new recipes, from cookies, to stew, to stuffed chicken breasts. I’ve also added to my collection of baking gadgets. The best purchase so far was a Cuisinart electric hand mixer, almost as good as the real Kitchenaid  deal, but won’t break the bank or take up precious studio apartment counter space. If you use your coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond you get 20% off!


4) Twilight and other “young adult” books: Everyone knows I LOVE Harry Potter. However, as we know, I’ve recently been introduced to the Twilight series. READ IT (even you Joel Harris)!

5) Ceres Juice:When I studied abroad in Ecuador during college I always looked forward to fresh fruit juice at lunch. My favorites were Guanabana (a white coco-nutty fruit), Maracuya (passion fruit) and Mora (blackberry). Ceres, a company based in South Africa, whips up a mean Maracuya. You can buy it at Whole Foods or at YES Organic Market on Columbia Road. I sometimes mix it with a little water too, it brings back those Ecuador memorias.


6) L.L. Bean Suitcases: During my first job I had to travel to many exciting places such as Harrisburg, PA and Dayton, OH and needed a good bag. This L.L. Bean carry on sized roller is the best around, durable to the max, fits way more than you think, and doesn’t break like my boyfriend’s crappy Swiss Army suitcase. Worth the investment, it will last forever and if it breaks L.L. Bean will send you a new one for free. Does Swiss Army do that MZ?


7) Cookies from Levain Bakery: Thanks to Bobby Flay I discovered this little bakeryon the Upper West Side near Melinda’s house. These are the biggest bestest cookies you will EVER try and they are well worth the $4 price tag, I’d say one cookie will last you two days. Yes, they are better than mine.


8 ) Brunch at Logan Tavern: This is the best brunch in DC hands down and will probably be a future post. Their coffee is divine, their menu is classic and their prices are just right. Beware of a long wait if you get there after noon, but you can usually snag a seat at the bar! They are also good for dinner.

9) Bobbi Brown Bronzer: I’ve been using this stuff since high school, it’s the best bronzer around, doesn’t make you orange or too sparkly. I use it in place of foundation and it evens out the skin just marvelously. It comes in three shades (light, medium and dark) and I also recommend buying the bronzer brush. As long as you take care of it you’ll never need a new brush again. I’d say each bronzer lasts me about 6 months, I buy light for the winter and medium for the spring/summer.


10) Frye Boots: This is something your parents also wore or have at least heard of, so when you tell your Dad you want some new Frye boots he will think it’s cool you wear them and usually buy them for you! They last forever, but they do take some time to break in. My favorite style is the Campus and I have them in short and long.


11) Annick Goutal Charlotte Perfume:The smartest boyfriend out there discovered there was a perfume by Annik Goutal called Charlotte, oddly it was also created in 1982, the year of my birth. Of course I’d already heard of it (thanks to Mom) and wanted it, so when I got it for a birthday present, he earned like 69 more best boyfriend ever points. Annik Goutal also makes many other scents like Hadrian, her most popular. All of them are light and sweet, perfect for daytime, and with such a large line there is something for everyone, even if it isn’t named after you!


12) Book Club: Ever since Kate’s brilliant idea this summer the second Tuesday of every month has been filled with literary discussion, appetizers, wine and fun. I encourage you all to form one with your friends! And, try your hardest to actually read the book each month por favor… Still, even if you don’t, it’s a lovely way to get to know new people and spend more time with your friends during the week.

13) Gruet Blanc du Noirs: Allie introduced me to this sparking wine from New Mexico. It’s no Moet, but for $14 a bottle it’s some of the best bubbly around! In D.C. you can buy it at Whole Foods, or you can head to Enology on Wisconsin Ave and drink it by the glass!


14) GChat: Does this one even need an explanation?


15) YES to Carrots: This brand was featured in Glamour Magazine awhile back, Mom and I both read about it and got their body butter. It’s the perfect wintertime body lotion, a nice subtle scent (you can wear it under your perfume), not greasy, and moisturizes like no other! Their eye cream is great too. You can get it at Walgreens, won’t even break the bank.


16) Mom: She’s the best and she’ll always be my most favorite thing ever.


Now that I have shared things I do have, here are some things I WANT (insert Veruca Salt song from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory here)!

Lottie’s Wish List for 2009

1) Nars Orgasm Cream Blush: A really versatile color that looks good on everyone, the cream blush would be nice because you can stash it in your purse and use it on the go. I never touch up my makeup during the day, but if I had this I just might.


2) A new Louis Vuitton purse: Preferably a speedy. Every girl can dream.


3) An MBA: But in this economy who knows if ‘ll even get in.

4) A Burberry Duffel Coat: Meredith Viera wears a grey one every morning on the Today Show and I’m starting to get jealous!


5) A Beach Vacation: A week somewhere warm midwinter por favor.

6) A new MacBook: My iBook G4 will turn 3 years in April and it already won’t accept certain upgrades and applications. It’s almost time for a new one.


7) A spot in next year’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon: I tired to register this year, but I was too late. The half marathon takes place in San Francisco each October and is all ladies. Instead of a medal you get a Tiffany necklace or key-chain upon completion. COUNT ME IN!

8 ) David Yurman Bracelet: I’ve wanted a classic David bracelet forever, but alas my wish has never been granted. Maybe this is the year?



And so concludes my first annual list of favorite things and wishes. Maybe someday I will host a talkshow and all my friends will go home with goodies!