I recently bought into the skinny jeans trend after snagging a pair of Paige Jeans on sale at Saks for $35 (yeah $35 not a typo), thanks recession. Yeah I know I’m about a year late, but better late than never right? Obviously I had to get some boots to match, those were on sale too, but not as discounted.  Check out my lovely Seychelles from CUSP.


I broke the jeans out for the first time this weekend and kept getting annoyed how they still bunched a little under my boots. When it comes to fashion I need perfection and even though the bunches were not noticeable (said Allie) I still wished there was something holding them down. My sister solves this issue by wearing her socks over the jeans (and under the boots), sorry males readers I’ve probably lost you by now. I tried this, but it still looked kinda dumb.

Then, yesterday morning my prayers were answered. DailyCandy DC introduced  me to Stiruppz, skinny jeans’ answer to mitten clips! Two local DC girls invented these little guys that clip on to your jeans, keeping your pant legs nice and straight inside your Seychelles, Frye’s, TB’s, or Louboutin’s (if you got extra lucky at that Saks sale). I will be ordering a pair pronto!