Sorry again for the hiatus, things are starting to wind down with the applications and I should be back in full force next week.  Right now my creative juices are all devoted to essays. But, some news on the D.C. front:

  • MZ is now tweeting, not sure how I feel about this, but now I might have to start an account too, follow his and get way too involved in his daily comings and goings at:


  • Though I did allow myself time to watch GG I haven’t been able to read NYMag and Richard’s recaps. They were probably awesome, take a look for me and tell me what you think.
  • All D.C. is talking about is this inauguration thing. The city will basically be on lock-down Tuesday next, with bridges and roads closed to the maximo. Luckily my company came to its senses and cancelled work, so I get Monday and Tuesday off, YAY! I’ll need it.
  • Sunday there is a concert at the Lincoln Memorial where Bono, Beyonce and lots of other A-Listers are performing. Even the first family to be will attend, and it’s FREE. I’ll be going, but I’m sure 1 million of my closest friends will come also. Wish me luck.