One of the saddest days of my life (besides the day my parakeet Katie died when I was seven) was the day I used my last drop of Fresh Soy Moisturizer. Carly introduced me to this miracle cream back in college and I used it religiously. Soy evens out skin tone and texture, reduces wrinkles, and is not irritating to skin. I know there are SO MANY miracle creams out there with ingredients ranging from seaweed to bat poop, but this soy lotion really worked for me. So, when Fresh retired the product back in 2005 I was devastated. Since then I have been on a search for a new face cream. I’ve tried lots and they have been fine, but nothing like my Soy.

Dana told me a few months ago that a lady at Sephora said they were bringing it back. At first I didn’t believe her. I emailed Fresh frequently, begging them to re-consider the products retirement and each time they told me “no dice,” so it was hard to grasp the news. Then, earlier this week I was reading Lucky and saw a Sephora ad picturing my holy grail of skincare. I immediately rushed to and low and behold, IT WAS THERE.

There are a few differences with this new version, first off it doesn’t have an SPF, my old lil baby had SPF 8, so this means you’ll have to wear something over it. Next, it’s being released exclusively through Sephora, it’s not even being sold by Fresh! This new guy also contains green tea and cucumber extract. I’m sure that will make it even better, right?

So ladies, if you’d like an all around wonderful face lotion, with long-term benefits that’s great for all skin types, ORDER SOME HERE. As soon as I use up my Bliss Ounce of Prevention AM  (it’s pretty good too and smells nice). I’ll be rushing to my local Sephora to stock up!