I had to steal this posts title from the DC City Paper’s clever post on the same event.  As I mentioned last week I got tickets to a party at the newly opened Town Tavern on 18th street. The $125 ticket (don’t worry mine were free, as was everyone else’s) featured an open bar and supposedly an appearance by the cast of MTV’s the Hills.

We arrived early to begin enjoying the top shelf offerings of the open bar and of course did not expect to see the Hills stars (Justin Bobby PLEASE) until much later in the evening. Thus we reveled into the wee hours, but still no Hills. Rumors were going around that Doug, the dude who dated LC who was too dumb even for her, was at the event. But, this blogger didn’t even see him. I guess Brody Jenner was supposed to come too, but he “cancelled.” Whatever, we looked better than Brody anyways, so no bigs.


Town Tavern, kudos to you for great music, great staff, and generous pours during your open bar, however, you are still just another bar on 18thstreet. Nothing exciting, nothing new, I probably wont’ go back. And, though I never got a picture with JustinBobby, LC or Lo, I did manage to get one with Sam Adams.