No I didn’t just have a baby, but this past Sunday I attended my first ever baby shower. It was so fun and girly that  looking at the Facebook pictures made Marc want to barf, in other words it was AWESOME. About 6 months ago Jen told us during bookclub she was with child. We eagerly began chatting about little ones, and what the heck you do when they are expelled from your person. The first thing you do, throw a baby shower.

Jen’s party was hosted by one of her lovely friends in Arlington and decorations were done by many a lady. She is having a girl, so there was A LOT of pink, but it was so cute, girls are way more fun to throw a party for. Kim was the master behind a centerpiece made from swaddlers (side note, pampers no longer makes diapers, but rather swaddlers, cruisers and easy-ups, WHO KNEW). Allie and I arrived at the shower as it was beginning to get underway. The first thing we did was check out the spread, specifically the swaddler masterpiece, move over DaVici, Kim will give you a run for your artistic talent.


Then we admired the presents and socialized with the other ladies (no boyz allowed except the 3 year old son of Jen’s sister). Finally we broke into the food spread. It was delicious. They served Parmesan dip that was to die for, a lovely Waldorf salad, grape salad with yogurt, cookies, cupcakes, croissants and chicken salad, and even cheese straws oh my! All washed down with some lovely champagne punch along with non-alcoholic drinks for the preggers ones.


Then, it was time to open presents. We all ohh and ahhed and giggled as Jen opened burpees (dont’ ask), a Chloe baby dress (yay me and the baby can be twins), diaper bags, baskets, a stroller, and many other girly baby products. Who knew you needed so much stuff. But I guess I have a lot of stuff too, diapers vs purses and shoes, same difference.


I got Jen a nightlight from Pottery Barn Kids. I do hope it keeps the monsters away at night. I know mine did and still does. TMI?


All in all my first babyshower was a lovely experience. I can’t wait to meet Jen’s baby girl when she arrives at the end of March!