On average I go to about one sporting event a year (horse races not included). Last year it was an American University vs Holy Cross basketball game. This year I took it up a notch, on Saturday Marc and I went to a UNC vs UVA basketball game at the Dean Dome. The area around the University basically shuts down on game days, so actually getting over to the stadium takes some planning. We opted for a bite and a beer at Carolina Brewery first, and then took their free shuttle right to the Dean Dome steps. At the brewery we enjoyed some glasses of their Sky Blue Golden Ale, a fresh light brew that tasted like a combo of blue moon and bud light, and some buffalo chicken fingers. MMMM.


At 3pm sharp we boarded the brewery shuttle and were in our seats by 3:15. Marc’s student tickets got us seats way up in section 205, row R. Though they were high, we had a great view of the whole stadium and it’s always more fun to sit with the students. I could not believe that everyone really was wearing Carolina Blue, people here are die hard. I’m not ever really with the program when it comes to sports, but luckily I too was wearing a Carolina T-Shirt and proud of it.  I spotted my first glimpse of #50 Tyler Hansbrough at around 3:30 as they were warming up, yes ladies, he is really really cute even from a million feet away!


The game kicked off at 4pm and Carolina was in the lead from the start. There were some loud fans nearby whose shouts totally were heard by the whole team, who totally did what they were yelling (ugh don’t you hate how some dudes think their screams will make their team win, NEWSFLASH: IT WON’T). Even though I was paying attention my breadth and depth of basketball understanding is minimal, so all I can tell you is that the team hustled and they finished up the first half in the lead, at which point Marc took a picture of me.


During halftime they honored some old players and some old coaches, one being Dean Smith, apparently Carolina’s best coach ever, hence the Dean Dome, and probably the best coach in the world (besides like Anna Wintour who I consider the best coach ever since she tells us when cerulean is back in style). The second half was higher scoring and the Heels kicked some Cavalier butt, with a final score of 76-61. With about 2 minutes left in the game we decided to get ahead of the other 20,000 fans, hopped on the bus back to Carolina Brewery and so ended my one sporting event of the year.

GO U-N-C (read to the tune of a college-aged male’s voice screaming loudly)!