I’ve done it, I’ve actually done it! I just created a cup of iced coffee that tastes EXACTLY like Dunkin’ Donuts iced french vanilla size medium, using no Dunkin’ coffee whatsoever. First I took the remainder of my Southern Season white chocolate truffle coffee that I brought to work, it wasn’t hot, but it wasn’t room temp, and poured it in a cup full of ice. Then I added a full packet of splenda and a splash of my company’s Starbucks Breakfast Blend and filled the rest of the cup with skim milk. Drinking with a straw is mandatory. My painful attempt at drawing demonstrates the proportions below. As you can see it is a very precise and scientific process.


Being from Massachusetts Dunkin’ Donuts has played a large part in my life. Many weekend mornings of my childhood were spent eating donuts for breakfast, while watching saturday morning cartoons. My Dad’s favorite was jelly, my Mom’s was usually Boston creme pie, mine was either powdered sugar or chocolate, my Sister’s was plain glazed or powdered sugar, and my Brother’swas chocolate frosted with sprinkles (yes he’d cry if the sprinkles were the wrong color).


Then, in High School, the unthinkable happened, a Dunkin’ opened in Wayland MA, the town that would never allow anything commercial to mar our streets. Once we got our drivers licenses we frequented the establishment at least every other day, whether it was a coolata, a bagel or a iced coffee it certainly brightened up our high school days. We were even known to go twice some days when we had a lot of free periods. Before we had our senior privileges our moms and dads even wrote us “notes” excusing us from free period to go and they didn’t even know they wrote them, I guess they do now… Thanks Mom and Mrs. K, L, R etc.

Dunkin’ provided many memories, including the time when my brother and sister got in a minor car accident on the way to school from a morning run. My brother spilled his coolata ALL OVER himself. It was almost more of a pity that the coolata was wasted than the damage to the car. Once I got to college I was afraid I was going to go through withdrawal, but that was not the case, there was a Dunkin’ within walking distance to campus, hence the tradition continued. Usually these were afternoon runs or late night stops on the way home from off-campus parties (Shapiro in particular due to its proximity). You have not lived until you’ve eaten an egg and cheese with bacon and sausage at 3am with all your college friends.


Sophomore year Rosie, Abi and I frequented the place so much that the workers started calling us the Dunkin’ girls. We then had the brilliant idea to be “Drunken Donuts” for Halloween and convinced our favorite workers to give us t-shirts and hats, which we promptly “slutted” up. It was probably the best Halloween costume in the history of Bates college, besides maybe our idea to be the 12 apostles…


Then, during the summer before junior year I had the pleasure of going to the Dunkin’ Donuts honors program in Sadler’s hometown. She always raved about the workers at her local Dunkin’, how they never messed up orders, spoke perfect English and were just all around all-stars. Boy was she right, that day in the summer of 2002 was surely the best Dunkin’ bagel/iced coffee combo I’ve ever ordered. Toasted perfectly, just the right amount of equal and skim in my coffee. Honors program indeed. If you’re ever in Swansea MA on your way to Newport, stop by, you will be in Dunkin’ awe for at least 3 days.

I’ve even been new a few international Dunkin’s. When I was in Spain I went in Madrid, but only got a doughnut and when I studied abroad in Ecuador I tried their coffee, but sadly it didn’t compare to the USA. Currently there are 2,200 international locations around the world and 5,800 in the USA alone. We win.

As you can see, Dunkin’ holds a very special place in my heart. There are not as many in DC as there are in MA, but if you go to their websiteyou can see the list. I recommend the Dunkin at GWU, they have a frequent coffee card, buy 5 medium hot coffee’s get the 6th free. It is conveniently on my way to work each morning! They are no Swansea, MA honors program, but they’re good.


Additional Note: Mel just reminded me of the time my brother and I stole the welcome mat from a local (not Wayland) Dunkin’, which then sat in our entryway until my parents saw it and yelled at us. I was hesitant to blog about this, but Mel assured me that the crime was committed long enough ago that it is well past the statue of limitations. I wish I still had that welcome mat and I wish it was outside of my apartment greeting my visitors.