While most of us are wallowing away at our desks some lucky celebs etc are under the tents in Bryant Park at New York Fashion Week. I’m jealous, even though I don’t have to work today. Hence I am following all the shows from Mary and Julia’s “lifecasts” at NonSociety. Even though Mary didn’t know what CUSP was until a few weeks ago, she has more than redeemed herself in my book. She had the cojones (it’s spelled cojones Mary not cohones) to ask ANNA WINTOUR for an interview. Totally awesome of her. She rocks.

DVF’s show looked amazing, probably because Whitney had nothing to do with it. Herve Ledger was hot, but I don’t know how anyone can really wear those dresses. Thuy, which I’ve never heard of was fugalicious, so I’m glad I’ve never heard of him or her or perhaps it. New York Magazine also has some pretty good coverage, check it all out!