Earlier this week Dana and I were having a heated GChat discussion about how to save money on make-up by buying some stuff at CVS instead of Sephora, Saks, Bloomies etc. In this recession one way to save is to buy less expensive beauty products. We both agreed that splurging is okay on face creams, but for everything else, there is probably a cheaper alternative that’s just as good. In fact, I’ve even found a few facial products that are!

Below I’ve highlighted a few things I use and friends use that work just as well as their more expensive counterparts. Bye Bye Sephora, Hello CVS.

First, is some mascara. I love NARS, but that’s about $25 now, instead for $8 Dana uses Cover Girl Lashblast  and loves it! You can get it in regular or waterproof.


For my lovely lips I just started using another Covergirl product, TruShine Lipcolor in Powder Pink Shine. It’s more like a gloss and perfect for everyday wear. Plus it is a lot less than the $30 Chanel lipstick I had before!


Next is bronzer, my little sister has always sworn by Wet N Wild bronzer and it looks great on her. I don’t know if I can part with my Bobbi Brown Bronzer, but if you can give it a try. It’s only $3!


Now that we have highlighted all this make-up I would like to introduce Almay eye makeup remover pads. The oil free kind is light and takes off that waterproof mascara and eyeliner perfectly. I use one every night before bed. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to pay more than $6 for eye makeup remover!


Moving on the the rest of the face. Kate swears by Olay Foaming Face Wash. At $4 it really can’t be beat. I know it’s fun to buy expensive facewash, but really, if you only want to splurge on one facial product, stick to moisturizer. Face wash WASHES OFF, why spend $30 on something that goes right down the drain!


Earlier this year before Fresh Soy made a comeback Allie told me about Eucerin Q10 Lotion. It was recommended to her by makeup artists in LA who said it was the best SPF lotion to wear under makeup. I really love it and think it’s just as good as any other daytime moisturizer with SPF. Not greasy and makes my skin look and feel great.


Okay, this is where the readers come in. Dana and I both want some good inexpensive eyeshadow, please give some suggestions and I’ll post them all.

Happy saving!