This morning we took the Holiday Inn shuttle right to Lionshead base in Vail, skiing some runs off chairs 2, 3 and 4 (when in Vail refer to chairs by their numbers, it’s what the locals do).

We took a morning break at the massive Mid-Vail lodge before meeting up for a mountain tour. It’s meant for intermediate to advanced skiers and we figured it would be a good way to get to know the mountain a little better. Vail is huge!

Our guides Bob (from Boston orginally) and Karen took us all over the front side of the mountain from the east to the west, on great cruising runs with amazing views. There were 6 other people in our group, but everyone was good and kept up with Bob.

Thanks to Karen we also learned a lot about safety on the mountain, tres importante of course. If you’ve been to Vail you know about the Yellow Jackets, follow those rules or they’ll pull your pass! Also, be sure to stop on the edge of the trail, never in the middle. Lastly, the ski patrol has plenty of advil and water if you have an elevation headache, you can just go right in and grab it!

Karen also taught us some great stories about trails and peaks on the mountain. I’m a sucker for trivia and had a great time. Though we didn’t go to any of Vail’s infamous bowls on the tour, Bob mapped out a great plan for us to follow tomorrow!

Post tour we stopped at Wildwood and had some chicken and rice soup (per our Bob’s recommendation) at 10,981 feet above sea level. Then, since we were right at the entrance to Sun Up and Sun Down bowls we took the plunge!



Unfortunately, the warm weather had made the snow wet and heavy, so we quit after only a run. However, the views were amazing and Jess got some good action shots of Allie and I maneuvering the bumps.


After that we were plain tuckered and began to make our way back to Vail Village from the top of chair 11. The stupid Holiday Inn shuttle took so long to come, but come it finally did. Once back we promptly hit the camas, watched Oprah, drank Blue Moons and enjoyed the hot-tub, which was not crawling with toddies (phew).

For dinner we headed to Lionshead Village for dinner at Bart and Yeti’s, named after the owners two dogs (that have since passed). We were so tired that we almost fell asleep into our Irish Stew. Needless to say we called it an early night!