For the past few years the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s 1869 Society has hosted an event called Artini. Throughout the month of March, 12 of the city’s best mixologists are competing to create the most artistic martini, inspired by the work of students attending the Corcoran College of Art + Design.

Each participating venue is featuring their Artini on a selected night at 20% off. They’ve all been assigned a piece of art to inspire the cocktail and tasters (ie you) can vote for your favorite at the D.C. City Paper’s website.  Then on March 28th, at the Corcoran’s culminating event, the winning “Artini” will be revealed. The serving schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, March 3 @ PS7 Restaurant
  • Wednesday, March 4 @ Mie N Yu
  • Thursday, March 5 @ Bourbon
  • Tuesday, March 10 @ Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Wednesday, March 11 @ Founding Farmers
  • Thursday, March 12 @ Teatro Goldoni
  • Tuesday, March 17 @ Enology
  • Wednesday, March 18 @ Tabard Inn
  • Thursday, March 19 @ Wisdom
  • Tuesday, March 24 @ Rasika
  • Wednesday, March 25 @ The Bar at St. Regis
  • Thursday, March 26 @ Art and Soul

Since I don’t think I have the capital to attend the actual Artini event, I plan on trying lots of them beforehand. Last night I went to Bourbon on 18th Street to try theirs. The inspired work was called “A Rough Start to a Better Future”  by C. Gavin Jones. Unfortunately, I could not find pictures of the actual works for the event, so I don’t even know what it looked like!

We ordered and the server brought us Capri Sun juice boxes, blast from the past! I inserted my straw, being careful not to let any squirt out (which is usually what happened when I was little) and took a gulp. Capri Sun it was not, but rather a rum punch consisting of white rum, Pernod, Vermouth and some fruit juice. Pretty strong, but pretty good. It was sorta rough, and then better as it went down. Kim was gracious enough to model hers for the camera.


We asked how they got the drink in there, but the bartender would not reveal his secrets. We’re guessing they cut off the edge of the pouch, dumped out the juice, and then somehow re-sealed them. However they did it, they get mad points for creativity! It was fun to participate and I will definitely be going to Founding Farmers, Rasika and Tabard Inn to try their Artini’s. Once I’ve had my share I”ll cast my vote. I encourage everyone to do the same!