With the time change behind us and spring just a week away I thought it would be a good time to reflect on things I love to do in D.C. when the weather get’s warmer. The extra long days make after work hours even better, and the spring weather before the humid awfulness of the D.C. summers are just too lovely to waste.

First and foremost I love to run. Our nation’s capitol is a great running city and has so many trails that you could plan a different route every day.  The best way to learn the trails is to just find an entrance and start running, walking or biking. I suggest any part of Rock Creek Parkway, The C&O Canal starting in Georgetown, or the Capital Crescent Trail. All make for wonderful bikes or runs!


Second, a D.C. spring would not be complete without the Cherry Blossoms. If you can brave the throngs of toursits it really is worth it. If you want to avoid the crowds go at weird times, like during your lunch break or at 5pm on a Tuesday. And, if you do decide to check them out during peak bloom season, predicted from April 3rd to 9th, just be prepared for mad peeps. It is definitelyworth it. I recommend NOT DRIVING, just metro or cab it close as close to the tidal basin as you see fit and walk from there. You’ll be immersed in a fairytale wonderland of blooms, blossoms and Asian tourists!


Shopping in Georgetown, there really is nothing like strolling down M St in your cute  sundress with your J.Crew espadrilles and jean jacket. Grab a trendy coffee beverage at Dean and Deluca along with some overpriced sweets, sit on their patio and watch the passerby. If you haven’t been laid off do some shopping at CUSP or Intermix and then flaunt your new hot tank to at Smith Point later in the evening, ending with a requisite visit to Five Guy’s of course. A best kept secret: get the grilled cheese, it’s $2.30 has a few less calories than a little bacon cheeseburger, and you can get it with toppings like tomatoes, mushrooms, or even bacon if you’re feeling extra frisky!

smith (so exclusive it was hard to find a picture)

Brunch, obviously a must, preferably somewhere with outdoor seating. My favorites are Logan Tavern and Open City, both worth the wait on a nice day. Logan has the best coffee ever, Marc and I don’t know how they do it, but it’s amazing. Open City is close to the Zoo, so after stuffing your piehole you can look at the pandas and tigers. They also just re-built the Elephant House. And, don’t forget to visit the hippos (my fave), on hot day’s they are outside.

zoo2 Dana, Char, Mel at the Zoo post brunch at Open City…

Cookouts – if you have a friend lucky enough to have a backyard in the District use them for a barbecue. There really is nothing more fun than drinking Allagash Whites in the spring sun (or sunset), grilling, and chatting about who you made out with at Smith’s Point earlier that weekend (while wearing your cute tank top). If you ate too much at Five Guy’s the night before, just stick to salad. Any good guest would know to bring the host or hostess cupcakes from Baked and Wired. If you don’t know anyone with a backyard look for a good apartment building roof. Mine is good, and I like cupcakes too!


No spring or summer day is complete without some good ice cream. In a further post I will review in great detail all the Pinkberry knockoffs in and around D.C., but for the time being, depending on where you live, check out Sweet Green or Iceberry in Georgetown, Tangy Sweet or Larry’s in Dupont, and Mr. Yogato on 17th street in the Gayborhood.


I hope this has gotten you all as excited about spring as I am. Excuse me while I go frolic in my new cute tank top bought on sale at CUSP!