Last night Melissa and I went to Founding Farmers to imbibe their Artini. Their inspired painting was by Paolo Martinez-Calderon and entitled “Meet Paola After a Month.” It was a Picasso-esque chaotic picture of a women’s face, with vibrant colors throughout in orange and red tones. Again, I couldn’t find a copy of it (they need to put them online, hear that Corcoran?), but it reminded me of this portrait of Picasso’s lover Marie-Therese Walter.


The Artini contained gin, absinthe, pomegranate and limes juices, mint leaves and daisy petals, all quite interesting. It made for a very refreshing mojito-like drink. Sorry Bourbon, but I liked this one a lot better. It was chaotic and colorful and a great representation of the painting. I forgot my camera, so this crappy cell phone pic is all I’ve got.


Founding Farmer’s itself was packed, but we snagged two seats at the bar, right where Jon Arroyo, the Mixologist, was working his magic. We also ordered salads and a ricotta, fig and pistachio flat-bread and watched Jon light up cocktails and pour absinthe from this weird thing, quite fun. The food was delish per usual, but the annoying men behind us needed a lesson in manners. Note to men in suits, when putting your empty drink on the bar don’t reach between two girls chatting, reach between two different groups, did Momma teach you anything? Annoying men aside, it was a fun time. Next Wednesday I’m heading to the Tabard Inn to try their creation!