Earlier this week Carly alerted me that Dunkin Donuts is holding a contest to “create Dunkin’s next Donut.” The winner will receive $12,000 and have their creation sold at participating stores. Well being the Bostonians and the Dunkin lovers we are, both of us came up with a plethora of ideas. Such as the Tiramisu Dounut (tiramisu flavored cream and ladyfinger doughnut topped with dark chocolate shavings) and the Very Berry Dounut (a mixed berry filling in a regular doughnut with chopped walnuts and cream cheese frosting on top).

However, our hopes were semi crushed when we actually went to the dounut creator. As you can see, it’s all preset, you choose your shape, filling (kreme, fruit kreme or jelly), frosting (frosting, glaze or sugar) and then your topping (frosting, sprinkles, crunchies etc).

Instead of letting this setback prevent me from entering the contest I decided to roll with it. You can enter up to three creations. So, my first Dunkin Donut creation is entitled Maple Butter Pecan. It is a round shaped doughnut with butter pecan kreme filling topped with maple frosting and walnuts (pecans were not a choice, gawd). It is a combination of my New England roots (maple) and my current southern charm (butter pecan), cause some people like to think D.C. is southern. I’ll roll with it!

Once you create you can download your sweet treat and even post it to Facebook!

Behold my doughnut, hope it wins 🙂