Earlier this year I was introduced to Goldstar.com, basically a discount ticket site. What sets Goldstar apart is that they work directly with venues. If a show does not sell out the actual venues list the tickets right with them, no third party, no brokers, no re-sellers, no rip offs (can you hear me stubhub?).

I signed up, but I opted out of any email updates about happenings in my area. So, last week I was reading DailyCandy and noticed that Jesus Christ Superstar was playing in DC. I haven’t been to a musical in awhile and I’ve never been to JCS.  I think my last theater visit was Spring Awakening in September of 2008 with Melindita. So, I figured why not see if Goldstar had some cheap tickets. I went on the site, clicked on the events in the DC area, and within a few minutes I had a $25 ticket for that evenings performance, rear orchestra. SCORE!

If you want something last minute and cheap it’s a great bet. They probably won’t have last minute tickets to the Jonas Brothers Concert or Coldplay, but something a little less known and you’re golden. Earlier this year I saw they had tickets for Cirque de Solei, so they still have plenty of mainstream stuff. Timing tends to be anywhere from two weeks out to the day of the performance. So, you can do some advance planning or just be spontaneous like Lottie. When you sign up you chose your location as well, so it automatically defaults to events in your chosen area. As I mentioned, I don’t get the email updates, but if you are an events buff might as well sign up for those too!

Jesus Christ Superstar was great. I picked my tickets up at the box office before the show, had a great aisle seat in the orchestra section and even moved up to the 6th row for the second act. I’m sneaky like that! It was a great show. I can’t wait to use Goldstar again.