Last night I had my final Artini of the season at the bar at The Hotel St. Regis. The painting was called “Urban Tragedy” by Yordan Silvera. Unfortunately, we didn’t even see the painting, but I assume it was sad and urban. Like maybe two ladies fighting over the last Botkier Stevie Satchel at a sample sale?

The drink was quite interesting and consisted of hibiscus tea, tequila, champagne, Cointreu pearls (more on those in a moment), andwas topped with a lime and a mini painting by the bar resident mixologist. The first sip was delish, bubbly with a hint of sweet and tequila, quite refreshing, but it went a bit downhill from there.


These little chewy Cointreu pearls, named “Cointreau Caviar” were introduced last year. Basically the little guys taste like those tapioca bubbles in bubble tea, but according to the Cointreu website:

“The research teams at Cointreau, always at the cutting edge of innovation in the bartending world, sought to develop a simple technical process for turning Cointreau into solid spheres. After several months of research and hundreds of trials to fine-tune the best formula for turning Cointreau from a liquid to a solid state, Cointreau’s team managed to obtain perfect, delightfully iridescent pearls of Cointreau which burst into life in one’s mouth in a symphony of delicious flavours.” 

Though said bubbles do have a “symphony of delicious flavors,” they just floated to the top of the drink and every time we tried to take a sip they just kind of got in the way. I don’t give them a 10, but they were cool to try. So now that my Artini tasting has come to a close, here are my rankings:

1) Founding Farmers (best flavor and interpretation)

2) Hotel St. Regis (unique combination, champagne and tequila actually worked, but “caviar” was annoying)

3) Bourbon (super cool presentation, but the drink was just too boozy, not enough flavah flave)

I will definitely do it again next year if I am in DC. Lot’s of fun to try cutting edge drinks, so 2.0 as MZ would say!