Easter is fast approaching, which means they have my favorite candy at CVS. Russell Stover’s Maple Cream Eggs have been my favorite Easter candy ever since I believed in the Bunny. I’ve never really been a fan of milk chocolate and the Maple Eggs are dark, right up my alley. The maple filling is creamy and artificial, just the way it should be!

For 50 cents the price really can’t be beat. After Easter, when CVS wants to get rid of them, they usually go down to 25 cents. They make a great 3pm snack (what I did today).maple-egg

Another delight I’ve recently discovered is Kookaburra Licorice  from Australia. I’ve never liked black licorice (GROSS), but give me red and I’m happy. Kookaburra is more chewy than say a Twizzler, and comes in a bite sized piece. The strawberry flavor is my favorite, though I have yet to try the more risque mango flavor. You can get a pack for $5 at A Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC or you can buy right from their website. The ziplock packaging keeps your Kookaburra’s nice and fresh.


Lastly, an indulgence I’ve loved for awhile is Fleur de Sel Caramel, especially when it is covered in dark chocolate. The salty, chocolaty, caramely taste is simply divine. A simple web search led me to Lula’s Chocolates. Lula has it going on, as you can pick from different types of salts.  The things aren’t cheap, but they are well worth the indulgence! You can probably find them at your locale chocolatier or specialty foods store.


I got the above picture (droooolll) from a blog that I just discovered called Sugar Punk. The blog is almost as good as the real thing!