It’s Luxury Week on Each day this week, starting with today of course, I will be profiling something LUXURIOUS. First off is a TV show. When Marc and I were in Europe during Christmas one of our favorite channels was the Euro version of Travel Channel. It is like so much cooler than the USA one (save Man vs Food) and I discovered a new show: Inside Luxury Travel with Varun Sharma.

Varun travels all over the world, staying at the most luxurious hotels (in their top suites), eating at the best restaurants and taking private tours, boat-rides and the like. In each episode he also cooks with 5 star chefs and drinks 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay (translation: the most expensive/exclusive wines, not sure if he’s actually had it, Varun you can chime in here).


Most recently Varun and his team have begun filming a new season. They started in Singapore and I followed his adventures on his blog and twitter account.  Hopefully during my next trip to Europe (date and location TBD) I’ll be able to watch it.  Also, you can get all the information about where he has stayed right on the site. So if a trip to Hong Kong is in your future, just book your room at the Peninsula direct from Varun!


When I first saw the show Varun and the Chef at the Mandarin in Miami made an amazing looking salmon dish, so I emailed him to see if he could send me the footage. I wanted to re-create the recipe. Unfortunately, he could not find the video, but he did mention they were in talks with the US travel channel. So, perhaps we won’t have to go all the way to Vienna (or Michelle’s flat in London) to watch!

This kicks off luxury week, have fun following Varun and watching some of his footage on the site. Stayed tuned for more luxury as the week goes on.