The other day I was on Facebook (obvs) and noticed that my friend Alix recently starred in a short film directed by Joseph Zentil. I watched the preview she posted and was enthralled.

The film, entitled, The Motel, is about a girl (Ms. Alix) from a middle class wholesome upbringing who meets a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. She falls hard for him and decides to rebel and leave her suburban life, accompanying said guy on his escapades through suburban towns robbing little convenient stores and bodegas (I hope they didn’t rob Metro K in DC). After a big robbery made by the guy, the girl has high hopes and suggests flying to Vegas and getting married. The guy scoffs at this suggestion. Irritated and annoyed the girl steals some of the money from the latest robbery. The guy finds out, yells and her and then leaves her.

They’ve submitted the film to Cannes. So, hopefully Alix will go, meet Adrien Grenier, get his number, and invite me out the next time she hangs with his entourage.

Joseph Zentil, the director, attended the New York School of Visual Arts, majoring in film of course. After school he did some photography and then started directing music videos in Toronto, where he grew up. Recently, he’s gotten into film and is definitely on his way to being big time.  More importantly, Alix is going to be big time too, she began her film career as an extra in The Devil Wears Prada (one of the first scenes, at a restaurant, major camera time, way hotter than Hathaway). She auditioned for the Motel and of course, won the female lead. Look for her in the next Bond movie or Judd Apatow flick, she’s on her way up!