Today marks the 1st anniversary of LottieB. One year ago today I came home from Morocco and started this blog, as an alternative to emailing my boyfriend, who was traveling around the world in 80 days. Once he came home I started studying for the GMAT, and had no time for LottieB, just math problems and sentence correction.

But then, on a day in the fall of 2008, I returned to the blogsphere once more. Instead of writing about my daily escapades I began writing of recipes, fashion, places to eat, and other fun things. Most importantly, I write like I talk, using LOTS of commas (yeah I know, I am a sucker for run-on-sentences). I reported on the breaking news of Samantha’s retirement, received national renown for my for my guest bloggers post on the Gossip Girl Summit (235 views to date) and also DC Grocery Crusades, the most viewed post on the site. My favorite post, Lottie’s Favorite Things, was picked up by Oprah and I’ll be doing her annual show from now on, instead of her (I wish).

This fall I will embark on a new journey to business school, where I hope I will still have time to blog. In the meantime I’ll keep up the good work. And, this summer, I plan to take some time off and live a life of leisure, which means even more time to blog. Can’t wait.

Lastly, I will end with a story. Where did LottieB even come from you ask? How did I come up with such brilliant a name? Well, at summer camp circa 1995, my friends started calling me Lottie, short for Charlotte. Then, in perhaps 1996 it was time to create my first AOL screename while I was at a camp friends house in CT for the weekend. She said it HAD to be Lottie, but that was taken, so we tried LottieB, taken too. Then finally, LottieEB, adding my middle and last initials at the end. Though, if written in all lower-case, this is just lottieeb, kinda ehh. When I started my blog LottieB was not taken, but it is now!

I’m popping my Gruet Rose and toasting to 365 days of being like so 2.0.