This past weekend Marc and I took a little trip to Wilmington, NC, about 2 hours from Chapel Hill. Wilmington is most widely known as the place where Dawson’s Creek was filmed! I was super excited to see where Pacey, Joey and Dawson spent those formative teen years and even more excited to go to the beach.

Our first stop was Wrightsville Beach, which looked a lot like the Isle of Palms in SC. It is also was the spot where they filmed Abby and Jen getting drunk during a Dawson’s Ep and then Abby falling to her death off the docks. HAH. Fortunately, our day there was far less traumatic, we got burgers and fries for lunch, and then did some serious tanning. The beach was just great, good sand, plenty of room between the shore and the dunes to lay out our towels, and not super crowded.


Post beach we headed to downtown Wilmington, to our B&B, The Taylor House Inn. Located on a quiet street in the historic part of town, it was the perfect place for a one night stay. Our room was cozy and clean, the sheets were ironed (a nice touch) and the common rooms downstairs were perfect for lounging.



Most importantly, they had toile curtains in the foyer. Check!


After some relaxing we headed to Front Street, a few block from the B&B, where all the evening action happens in Wilmington. We started with some drinks at a rooftop bar we happened upon called Level 5. It was the perfect place to drink Blue Moons, argue about trips to Asia, hum the Dawson’s theme song, and watch the sun set.


Post cocktail hour we ate dinner at Circa 1922, a tapas restaurant that’s the new hot spot in town. Marc researched and found it, obvs. When we arrived out table wasn’t ready, so we were “forced” to sit at the bar and order Firefly Sweet Tea cocktails. It was my first time drinking the sweet tea flavored vodka and boy was it amazing. Basically tasted like an iced tea. I’m buying some ASAP. You just add a little water and lemon and voila, 3 later you’re good to go!

The menu at Circa was a smattering of Asian, Spanish and everything in between. A lot of times restaurants with such varying menus skimp on some dishes, however, this was not the case at Circa. Our filet mignon and gruyere puff pastry was decadent, our tuna sushi trio was as good as Nobu, and our curry mussels had the most wonderful sauce. It all paired nicely with a reasonably priced Malbec. For dessert we had their Key Lime Pie, WHOAH, I think it might have been as good as Melissa’s Grandma’s!



After dinner we had to keep the party going, so we went to the Front Street Brewery, where after sampling their house brews, we settled on more Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Once you start you can’t stop!

The next morning we had a lovely breakfast with the other guests at the inn. One of the reasons we booked the Taylor House was because of the rave reviews their breakfast garnered. The owner Scott, served us fruit, fresh baked muffins, french toast with cherry sauce, and plenty of coffee. It was a hearty way to start the day. We then headed to the Wilmington waterfront and strolled along the Riverwalk, unfortunately we didn’t run into Dawson or Andie, but it was a lovely stroll.


The rest of the day was spent at Carolina Beach, the boardwalk was a little trashier than Wrightsville, but the beach itself was a little nicer. Better sand, more space. But, in a pinch, both beaches were pretty similar. No complaints here!

All in all it was a lovely way to spend the weekend.