Yesterday morning Elly alerted me to the fact that you can now change your language settings on Facebook to “Pirate.” I did a little researching and found Facebook unveiled this new language back in September of 2008, in honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” However, to some user sadness, they took away the option for awhile to perfect it, and now it’s back and better than ever!

Truthfully, I’ve never been into all that Pirate funny talk stuff, but I took a jump off the plank yesterday (because I was bored) and changed my language setting to Pirate, and boy matey’s it’s actually kind of fun. For example, your newsfeed is your “Home Port.” For anyone familiar with Facebook it’s pretty easy to figure out.

Here’s a screenshot of me Cap’n’s’ Log, but don’t go plunderin’ me information and sellin it to, or I’ll go Blackbeard on your a$$.


To change your language go to settings – language – and then select “English (Pirate)” and voila, you can scrawl on portraits, get called a wench, and mangle your litany (still figuring that one out). This morning a friend “left coordinates on my plank.” It took me a few minutes, but I soon realized he wrote on my wall. Most importantly, any email you now get from the FB will come from “Ye Olde Facebook.” It’s pretty fun, especially on a Friday.

Onward ho!