Readers, sorry it’s been over a week since I last posted. As Beesha nicely put it, “Why haven’t you updated slutface?  Cinco is old news.”  Well Beesha, I’ve just had a lot of nothing that important going on and my creative juices weren’t flowing. I’ll have a fun post on an event I attended this past weekend up by tomorrow, but for now, here are some random thoughts, Karo style:

  • Rotisserie chicken from Harris Teeter rocks. If you buy it on Sunday it’s always on sale for $3.99 and lasts for at least 4 meals!
  • Cream cheese frosted brownies from Harris Teeter do not rock, even if they are on sale. They stick to the box and it’s impossible to eat them as a tipsy snack without cutting your finger off (don’t worry I still have mine, but it was a close call).
  • Make sure that the DMV has your cell number on file because if the police ever catch a drunk chick jumping on your car they can call you on the spot and you can get her arrested or have her pay for the damages (I may or may not be speaking from recent experience here).
  • Neiman and Saks are having warring sales this week on their websites, check them out. Both also are offering free shipping at any price (you’ll see the code when you get to the site). I got two Marc Jacobs tops and am going to return the one I like least, they are both yet to arrive.

neiman top

Neiman Top

saks top

Saks Top

  • Mandu in DC has the bestest Happy Hour ever, $3 beers. Bourbon in DC always has $4 Allagash Whites/Belle’s Oberon (I’ve linked to both enough by now, if you don’t know them SHAME).
  • Does anyone know a good accounting tutor? I need a basic knowledge of the subject by August 31st!

That’s all for now. Again, apologies for my MIA-ness.