By now everyone knows how to do the fun smiley and hearts on GChat, but do you know how to do a pile of poop, or a lobster? Welp, my friend JoJo does, she was bored at work today and discovered the following symbols from the help of some friends:



: (|)  (the straight line in the middle is the key under “backspace” press shift to get it)

Copy them into your G Chat windows right now and see what happens…

Allie suggested I add a screenshot in case you mess up the first time.


Type all three together and as As JoJo so nicely put it:

JoJo: i love monkey poop  or i ❤ : (|) ~@~

Then, Kathleen weighed in after I showed her:

Kathleen:  haha stink is the ~

So true Kathleen.

Then, by accident I discovered this one : (:) it’s kinda like a ManBearPig perhaps?

Oh G Chat, you will never cease to amaze me!

Note: I had to put a space after every combo of : and ( or else it defualts to a sad face, so delete the space if the symbol isn’t working, ALLIE!