On Thursday I will pack up my apartment and leave D.C. for Boston to take some time off and then get my MBA. It’s been a wonderful 4 years in the District and I’m going to miss it a lot! I moved here right after college and started my adult life, I’ve grown from a college student to a card carrying (Amex Blue if you’re wondering) grown-up with her own apartment, sorta cool job and lots and lots of wonderful friends both new and old. I’m excited for the next chapter, but I’m pretty sad to be leaving the place I became a real adult in!

So, without further ado here are some favorite DC places, faces and memories.

Clarendon, don’t hate on Virginia, Clarendon rocks. It was the first place I lived when I moved here. Blocks from the metro and Whole Foods, and lots of fun bars for Happy Hour. We also had an awesome yard, quite conducive to BBQ’s thanks to Sadler’s grill. There was also the time a roach fell on me in the shower and the time our landlord sketched out and moved to Egypt. VA Rocks.

Rosslyn, oh so ugly, but what a great location. I lived “steps from Georgetown” and had a whole floor to myself, along with some lovely roommates. It took me 15 minutes to get to work, I win.

1868 Columbia Rd NW, where I’ve lived for the past two years. I made my way into the actual District and payed more taxes (it’s only really $20 more a year FYI). Living alone is awesome, you don’t have to fight about who is going to buy toilet paper. Living steps from Adams Morgan is semi awesome, except when people vandalize your car (x3).

2123 California St NW, probably the coolest apartment in DC, so mid-century modern, great kitchen and great resident. It even has a fireplace which makes DC “winter” days so cozy. Many fun times were spent there. Also, they don’t charge for laundry, but I probably should have contributed to the water bill since I did it there so much, grac BF.

Russia House, my fave bar that’s full of memories, including but not limited to a DTR, a farewell soiree, a techno violinist and the best martinis outside of Russia.

MINT/Gold’s/WSC, oh my gyms, Gold’s is awesome, but parking sucks, WSC was dirty and I quit, then I found MINT and I never want to join another gym. Nothing is better than their mint and eucalyptus infused cool face towels. Do you think I can suggest that Longfellow in Wayland, MA incorporate them?

Whole Food’s/Teeter/Wegmann’s, the grocery stores in the DC area sure trump the ones in MA (except maybe Sudbury Farms), I love to grocery shop (weird) and having those places to spend my Sunday afternoons with and without MZ were so much fun. Thanks to them (and Ina Garten) I’ve tried many wonderful recipes.

G Town/Ad-Mo/U St, oh the bars. Sorry Boston, but I think DC has a way better bar scene than you. I mean I’m excited to try new places, but I am going to miss all the DC bars terribly. There’s so much variety, lines, but never bad lines, and great people watching. Whether you are with the scensters at S.P., meeting the Bush twins at the Rookery, or being hipster at Bar Pilar it’s always pretty fun (except when you slip on puke at the Guards…).

Cherry Blossoms and the Tourists, I have to admit, it’s kinda fun to see tourists all over your city, to give them directions, and to tell them not to go to a certain restaurant when they are mulling over the menu outside. Even thought the Cherry Blossoms bring WAY TOO MANY people to DC they are so pretty and we’re lucky to have such a beautiful phenomenon every year. Also, in what other city can you just pop into the National Gallery or Botanical Gardens at a moment’s notice? What I won’t miss – getting stuck behind tourists who are walking slowly.

The list could go on and on, but DC I shall miss you. My blog will go on, but I’ll be writing about Boston instead. I have lots of fun summer trips on the horizon as I get to take July and August to live a life of leisure before I submit myself to MBA life, so keep reading!