I think we all can agree that moving is NO FUN, unless of course some magical fairy could do everything for you, from packing to unpacking. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for me this week. My move from DC to Boston had many ups and downs and I am going to share them all with you. Perhaps you can avoid some of my own crushing setbacks the next time you re-locate, whether it’s across the country or down the street! Apologies in advance for the lack of pictures, but I think you’d get stressed if I posted any.

Boxes: Thanks to MZ I ordered my boxes from usedcardboardboxes.com, the company sends you slightly used boxes that are still in great shape. Each kit, depending on size, includes an assortment of boxes, tape, markers and box cutters. I ordered a studio pack-rat kit for a total of $78 which includes shipping and everything. Much cheaper than getting boxes anywhere else! The kit came with PLENTY of boxes and I even had a few left over. My only complaint was that the tape sucked, but all my boxes held together just fine!

U-Haul: I rented a 14-foot truck through U-Haul. Budget usually has cheaper prices, but they either have a 10-foot truck or a 16-foot truck. I knew the 10 would be too small and the 16 probably too big, and didn’t want to have to drive anything bigger than I needed. Renting was a breeze, but it went downhill from there (see below)…

Load/Unload: Through U-Haul I hired people to load my tuck in DC. They were $150 for two hours and did a great job! They Packed the truck very well and were somewhat efficient, mainly because they took a little longer than two hours, but they didn’t charge me extra. There was no way I was going to carry my furniture myself or recruit a friend. It was totally worth it.

Once in Wayland after our trail of tears home, we hired some local college boys to unload. They put a flyer in our mailbox back in May and my smart Mom saved it, called them and voila. They rocked, if anyone in the metrowest needs some helpers let me know, I’ll give you their info!

The Drive Part I: This is where things get real messy. When I picked up my truck I checked it over for dents and such and the guy at the lot adjusted the huge mirrors for me. They seemed just fine at that point (stay tuned). After the truck was all loaded up and we had some lunch it was time to hit the road. As some of you may know it is impossible to see behind you in a U-Haul, so before getting into the truck to back it up I made sure there was no car behind me. I was parked at the end of the street so anyone who pulled up behind me would be doing it illegally. I turned on the truck, started backing up, and then heard a honk and a bump, awesome. Some stupid $(*&#Q@ had pulled up behind me and I dented her bumper with the U-Hell’s trailer hitch. Not cool, we filed a claim and she was sketchy (she was definitely not where she was supposed to be), it wasn’t even her car… We’ll see what happens with that, what a great way to start the trip!

The Drive Part II: Getting out of DC also proved nightmarish. We took 16th street through Silver Spring, once we got on Colesville Road (which goes right through downtown Silver Spring) traffic was horrendous. It took us about an hour to go 2 miles. Once we were finally on the highway the traffic wasn’t too bad, but in my U-Haul I could only go about 65 mph. As the drive went on the mirror on the driver side kept moving around, clearly it was lose, but I was able to adjust it whenever I stopped at a toll.

Then, somewhere in New Jersey I went over a bump and the mirror just went crooked. We pulled over to stop and I fixed it, but clearly it was missing a screw. So nice of the man at U-Haul to notice that when HE adjusted my mirrors. I was able to go carefully over bumps for awhile, but then in Westchester I went over a bump and the mirror just flew off! It could have hit my Jetta which my mom was driving behind me, or worse. We’re very lucky nobody was hurt. That thing was big! Fortunately I had purchased insurance on the truck, so I was not responsible for the mirror flying off on I-95, suck it U-Hell. I recommend purchasing it!

After that Mom just followed me and every time we had to change lanes we had to stay on the phone with each other, so she could direct me. We could have called the U-Haul emergency number, but we felt it was a bad idea to pull over on the highway, and more dangerous to get off it without a mirror. Plus who knows how long it would have taken for them to come!

This happened after we’d been driving for about 8 hours (the drive itself should take 8 to 9), we were making VERY slow time, but things weren’t over yet. In Connecticut it started pouring, I mean pouring monsoon style. I don’t know if I’ve ever driven in such horrible conditions, and this was in a truck, the gods were not on our side. Finally after over 11 hours of driving we pulled into our house, exhausted and emotionally drained. I could not have done it without my mom though, she rocked. ALWAYS listen to your mother, especially when you have no side mirror, can’t see behind you, and need to change lanes.

I am never moving again and if I do I’m hiring those moving faeries!