Not working is just so busy I’ve not had much time to blog (i.e. I’m not bored at work anymore), advance apologies for this. In my life of leisure I’ve taken a number of excursions, the first of which was a trip to Charleston to visit my sister Lily Smith.

Long ago my sister and I were playing “mail” where you write letters to your friend (sister) and put it in their mailbox (under the bedroom door). She wrote a letter to Susan Altch care of Lily Smith, the names stuck. However, I digress.

Marc and I drove to Charleston, SC from Chapel Hill, NC. It’s a quick 4 hour drive mostly on I-95. The highlight of which is passing South of the Border, a behemoth rest-area that is advertised for miles. We didn’t stop. Too cheesy, but fun to look at.


Once in Charleston it was immediately time for drinks on the roof of the Vendue Inn, it’s a little more casual than the Pavillion, but the drinks are just as good and the views are just as lovely. Then we went to Fleet Landing for dinner. The spot can be a bit touristy, but the biscuits are to die for and the seafood is fresh and good.

The next day was spent sunning at Folley Beach, a favorite of the surfers (Genny’s BF) and the college kids. The weather was very unseasonable for this time of year, meaning it wasn’t 99 degrees and 100% humidity, it was more like 89 degrees and breezy, absolutely amazing. The beautiful temperatures also made a late afternoon walk around town just perfect.



That evening we went to FIG (food is good) for dinner, whose chef, Mike Lata, won this year’s Southeast James Beard Award. My Fish Stew en Cocotte (a seafood stew in a pot) was amazing. The broth had a hint of saffron and all the seafood was fresh fresh fresh. Marc also enjoyed his bacon wrapped grouper.


The rest of the night was spent at a few bars on the market and no visit would be complete without a visit to the rooftop of the Pavilion, my favorite bar in the world.


The next day we had breakfast at Joseph’s where Rachel Ray raved about their pancakes in $50 a Day. She was right, the pancakes were amazing, but HUGE. I barely made a dent in mine. Then it was off to the beach again!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend in Charleston. Every time I got there is something new to eat and fun to do. Plus I get to see Lily, hostessia with the mostessia.