Every time Marc and I go to a concert together something seems to go wrong. First it rained when we saw The Shins at an outdoor venue, then we had a nasty eastern European encounter at a Perov Stellar concert in Budapest, and at a Moby concert in DC the power went out, which kinda ruins things when you are going to see a DJ perform (whose whole show is based on electronics). However, last night our bad luck streak ended at a Coldplay concert in Raleigh, NC. It took awhile to get to the venue thanks to traffic and we arrived at our lawn “seats” as the band began their first song. We managed to snag a spot at the front of the lawn, which offered a pretty good view of the stage as a whole, though far away. But that was going to change…

About halfway through the concert my favorite song, Lost, started playing. Then Marc and I noticed a migration of people to a spot a few feet away from us. We looked over to see what was going on. They were setting up microphones on a stage that had appeared, then some guitars were plaed next to the mics… It couldn’t be! Earlier in the night the band had moved to a stage in the middle of the audience for a few songs, now they were coming over to us, on the lawn! When they were playing out in the audience I remember thinking “hmmmm I wonder if the people sitting there knew a stage was there, I wonder if there’s another.”

We pushed our way over to the spot as Lost was ringing in my ears. There were maybe 4 people (tall boys of course) in front of me and the small stage. We were way closer than any of the floor seats at the main stage were!

The stadium went dark and the crowd started cheering. When the lights came back on the band was standing right there in front of us. We were so close Chris Martin could have dripped his sweat on me! They sang about 4 songs, including a cover of Billy Jean (video courtesy of Marc’s Canon Elph). We could actually hear them strumming their guitars and singing, not that amped up sound you get through the speakers. When you watch the video listen to the sound, not amplified. That’s how close it was.

I think it’s safe to say our concert luck has turned! It was an amazing night.