Verrill Farm, stretching over 200 acres in Sudbury and Concord Massachusetts, makes the best pies this side of EVERYTHING. For the past 5 or so years their bakery has been churning out pies, and my family has been hooked. What makes them so good you say? Well they use fresh and in season fruit, grown on the premises and all pies have a crumb topping that’s just divine. I’ve been trying to recreate it in my own baking, but have yet to do so. Thus I shall keep buying!

Today I went over and picked up a blueberry nectarine 8-inch pie. You can buy an 8-inch (serves about eight) or a 12-inch (serves twelve). The pies are fresh baked every day and come out between 11am and 11:30. However, they go fast, so if you want to choose ahead of time you can call and they will set one aside for you. The pies also make wonderful hostess gifts (hint hint).

Summer flavors range from mixed berry, to raspberry plum, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, the possibilities are really endless, you can even create your own combo if you call ahead! In the fall apples are king, and they mix those too. Ever tried apple blueberry? Well, you will now!

If you don’t live nearby it’s certainly worth the drive. They also stock a plethora of prepared meals such as cashew chicken, steaks, chicken pot pie, and plenty of breads and pastries (Mom is partial to their scones), along with the freshest veggies around. During tomato season (right now), their farmstand is bursting with heirloom tomatoes of every variety. So, call ahead, order your pie, and stock up on some tomatoes before it’s too late.

Most importantly, take home, warm up, add some ice cream, and DEVOUR!