I’ve been MIA from the blogsphere, due in part to homework, but mainly to this this video (look on my Facebook newsfeed if the link doesn’t work). Especially watch 1:38 to 2:07, who is that beautiful girl in the mask?

You though business school was all about case studies and statistics (or just didn’t know either way). Welp it’s not!


During the first month of the full-time MBA program at Babson each student is assigned a creativity project and has to “create” a 20 minute presentation using their creative medium. Every creativity group is assigned a “creative consultant,” a real artist they work with for 4 weeks to learn about the medium, the creative process, and basically get way outside of their comfort zone. This year (as you might gather from the video), the mediums were painting, sculpture, mixed media (don’t ask what it is because it has no definition), improv, writing, movement and most importantly MUSIC (my group).


Why the hell do they do this you ask? What in the world does this have to do with business? Welp, A LOT. First, group work. Imagine making music with 14 other people who are not experts in the field, or putting on an improv show, or painting, or writing a story as a group and then having to present it too all your peers. If that doesn’t make you fearless in the workplace I don’t know what will! And, you get pretty good at working in a large group, which happens a lot in the real world. Second, creativity – in business you need to be creative, how else do you think Apple came up with the Ipod or that french guy invented Gore-Tex? Creativity my friends.

Though my month of making music did not make me an expert in groups or creative thinking in business it sure got me started along the path. So, next time you’re stuck at the office working with an annoying co-worker or can’t come up with a good solution to a problem (any type) I suggest making music, painting, or perhaps making some sculptures out of printer paper. It really might help!

If you’d like to hear the audio of my presentation watch this one, my beautiful angelic solo is around 1:40, you will not believe your ears.