There’s a new Lottie in town. She lives in the hundred-acre wood, wears pearls, and if friends with a Pooh. Oh and did I mention she’s an Otter?

Today is the debut of “Return to the Hundred Acre Wood.” The first authorized sequel to “Winnie the Pooh” and the “House at Pooh Corner” since 1928. Apparently Eeyore finally offed himself (jk, I got that from SNL), so they had to introduce a new character, Lottie the Otter.


According to a WSJ tidbit (sent to me by Christie, shout out) Christopher Robin returns from boarding school and meets Lottie who takes a swim in CR’s bath, plays a mean game of cricket and helps start up a school for the Hundred Acre Wood critters.

Frankly I’m a little annoyed there is another Lottie to compete with, but the fact she wears pearls makes it a bit better. I probably have to buy a copy. If you need me I’ll be brushing up on my cricket game.